Sunday, May 24, 2009

LeBron vs. Kobe: A Little Premature?

I was flipping through the channels the other day when I came across this documentary on ESPN: Nike Dream Season: 23 & 24 (LeBron James and Kobe Bryant).

Now I like a sports documentary probably a considerable amount more than the next guy (Sports movies, too - I'll even watch "Love & Basketball" when it periodically comes on cable). Especially when the documentary centers around athletes I know and have watched play. I probably wouldn't get as sucked into a Babe Didrikson documentary.

Anyway, as I was watching it, I couldn't help but hear the same question in my head over and over again: Isn't this a movie better suited to be aired during an NBA Finals in which LeBron and Kobe are both playing?

I know marketing is marketing, and if they both don't make it to the Finals, then this would have been the best time to air it. Still, at the time this aired, the consensus pick for the Finals was still Cavs-Lakers. So the ideal time to run this kind of program would have been during that matchup, not during the Conference Finals.

But I can't help but think that this, along with the Vitamin Water ads, is too much too soon. This will all look a bit silly if we get a Nuggets-Magic series. Carmelo Anthony was on the Olympic team. Dwight Howard, too. Where are the 'Melo-Superman documentaries? Where are the 'Melo-Superman ads?

I feel it would be better to wait until real life shows us LeBron vs. Kobe and then piggy-back onto it, instead of creating a rivalry out of two players with an age difference of seven years. I guess the Lebron James-Darko Milicic (the #2 pick in the 2003 draft; LeBron was #1) rivalry never had the requisite steam to stand the test of time.


P.S. - Yes, that is Justin Timberlake narrating the movie. Finally!

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  1. You know how I feel about this. Although the Lebron/Kobe puppet commercials are hilarious (For each one of these delicious cookies is an equally delicious NBA championship ring.. that you don't have -- that kills me everytime, even though I know it's coming. Yes, I know. Sad) I'm tired of them shoving something down my throat that hasn't even happened yet.

    Like you said.. it's understandable. TV execs want ratings. Me? I want good basketball, and I can't help but think a Lakers-Cavs final will deteriorate into the first nationally televised game of 21 in the history of basketball. Two guys going one-on-one while eight other guys stand around and watch. All you have to do is watch Magic-Cavs to see one guy do everything and four other guys watch in awe.

    Yes, I am biased, but I think the Magic right now are the best story in the league. If they'd been able to close out some games (i.e. they'd have taken out Philly in a sweep, Boston in 5 and they'd be up 3-0 right now) everyone else would think so too.