Wednesday, October 28, 2009

An open letter to TCU coach Gary Patterson

Dear Coach Patterson,

As a BYU fan, it would be very easy to let the recent results of the BYU-TCU rivalry get the best of me and rationalize and make excuses for the outcome of the Saturday's game (trust me, I did last year). It would be very easy to both figuratively and literally hate you and all associated with the TCU football program. It would be very easy to be blinded by that hatred, causing me to try to come up with reason why TCU is overrated.

Only...I'm not.

What you have done at TCU is outstandingly impressive. Last year I sat in my living room - nearly 4,000 miles away from Forth Worth, TX - and was semi-literally scared for my own safety as I watched your players dismantle my BYU Cougars. This year, the outcome was even worse. I won't minimize your team's accomplishment. I still think my team is very good - and the Horned Frogs trashed us. You guys could play with any team in the country, and I look forward to the opportunity you'll have in to do so in a BCS Bowl.
Anger and pure dislike consume me with any other rivalry (ex. BYU-Utah), but respect is all that comes to mind with BYU-TCU. You beat us ... and badly. As a Mountain West Conference fan, I am proud at the prospect of TCU carrying the non-BCS torch into a BCS game, but I would like to issue some warnings:

  • Please do not take any of the games remaining on your schedule lightly. Don't look past any team.
  • Keep your team humble and hungry.
  • Don't let your players read/believe the press clippings.
I don't want anything to happen that would derail your team's chances. The team representing the non-BCS schools should be tested beforehand. Your team has earned the right to be there over other non-BCS schools by beating more than one ranked team and going on the road out of conference, proving yourselves to NOT be 2007 Hawaii.


All Things and Everything


  1. Well said. Hopefully, they won't get cocky — that only leads to unnecessary losses.

  2. What does it even mean to be able to "play with any team in the country"? To wit:

    -A not particularly good Tennessee team lost to Florida (#1) by 10 and Alabama (#2) due to two blocked field goals in the 4th quarter. Both games on the road. Of their 4 loses (to UCLA, Florida, Auburn, Alabama) only the Florida one has been by more than 4 points.

    -Oregon State is probably going to win 7-8 games this year. Playing Cincinnati (#5) they were within 3 points with 10 minutes to go and ended up losing by 10. And last week they lost to USC (#4)by 6 on the road in a game that wasn't sewn up until the last 2 minutes.

    So if these two teams that we likely going to end up with at best mid-level bowl invites can play with some of the top teams in the country, is that really the most selective grouping?