Saturday, November 7, 2009

Weekend Video: Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Here is a funny clip of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart (I think all of the language is bleeped out):

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People who know me know how much distaste I have for Fox News. I find it reprehensible some believe it to be "fair and balanced." They talk of the liberal bias in the news media - which I think is a bit overblown - and say "the reason Fox News looks so conservatively biased is because everything else is so far to the liberal side, it makes Fox News look biased. In reality, Fox News is just the middle of the road."


You can say all you want that outlets like MSNBC and CNN are liberally biased, but please, oh please, don't say it to try and make Fox News look like it is "fair and balanced." If you are going to say it, just say they are all biased. (However, in my opinion, a rational human being couldn't actually believe MSNBC or CNN is more biased than Fox News. But that's my opinion.)


  1. Halelujah! Clearly stated. Fox is biased and unbalanced! Others have a slant too, but not nearly as liberal as Fox's agenda is the other way.

  2. Here's a good test: If you consider yourself conservative, and you agree with almost everything you see on FoxNews... hey, maybe FoxNews has a conservative bias!

    Meanwhile, I see a lot of liberals criticizing all mainstream media, including MSNBC. So maybe MSNBC just isn't liberal enough for liberals.

    The best stuff from the Fox talking heads is the "this is clearly censorship" talk. Because criticism apparently equals censorship.

  3. Fox News is neither fair nor balanced. I feel that President Obama rushing into a burning pet store and saving a bunch of puppies is about the only thing that he could do that would cause Fox News to give him kudos.

    As was succinctly put in the New Yorker a couple of issues ago:Fox News is a politically biased organization

  4. All the media outlets have their own agendas. What would be refreshing is if they all just admitted it and moved on. I could almost respect that more than the righteous idignation that occurs when accused of bias.
    "WHAT?? ME?? Well I never..." Please.